Berlin: Eurowings is temporarily flying to Adana and Casablanca

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In the 2024 summer flight schedule, Eurowings will also temporarily offer the destinations Casablanca and Adana from Berlin. These are to be served with Airbus A320s from Avion Express Malta.

The Turkish city will be going once a week from July 16, 2024. This route is currently only planned until August 27, 2024. Casablanca is scheduled to be offered from Berlin from July 21, 2024 until September 1, 2024. The carrier's reservation system shows that Avion Express Malta's Airbus A320 wet lease equipment will be used on the two routes mentioned.

There is a temporary increase on the Berin-Yerevan route. This will be served twice a week from July 13, 2024. Eurowings has currently offered a weekly flight on this route. However, it will not be increased permanently, because the measure is initially limited until September 4, 2024, according to the reservation system.

Airbus A320 (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Airbus A320 (Photo: Jan Gruber).