Brussels Airport celebrates two years of the Stargate project

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The “Brussels Airport Stargate” project, carried out in collaboration with a consortium of 21 partners, has now been running for two years. The aim of this European Green Deal project is to find concrete solutions to improve the sustainability of air transport and airports. 

Last year's project initiatives included ordering electric ground handling equipment and providing the necessary charging infrastructure, further rolling out the Digital Green Lane to reduce truck waiting times, and promoting alternative mobility solutions for airport staff.

The Stargate project is an initiative of Brussels Airport, implemented in collaboration with 21 partners, including three European airports, various airlines, mobility and knowledge institutes and local authorities. Stargate's goal is to develop innovations and initiatives that accelerate the transition to greener air transport. It includes around thirty small to large projects focused on three main areas: further decarbonizing airport operations, improving local environmental quality and promoting modal shift.

Brussels Airport (Photo: Brussels Airport / Tom Dhaenens).
Brussels Airport (Photo: Brussels Airport / Tom Dhaenens).