Dortmund Airport with a new Christmas record

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In the period from December 21, 2023 to January 7, 2024, Dortmund Airport was used by 153.353 passengers, significantly more than the airport expected.

Compared to the previous year, a significant increase of around 20 percent was recorded, which corresponds to an increase of over 25.000 passengers (2022/23: 127.460 passengers). This increase results in a new Christmas holiday peak for the airport.

The top destinations correspond to the overall results for 2023, with Katowice once again emerging as the most popular destination. During the Christmas holidays, the two low-cost carriers Wizz Air and Ryanair served the route between Dortmund and the Silesian capital a total of 120 times.

Spring at the DTM (Photo: Lisa Tüch/Dortmund Airport).
Spring at the DTM (Photo: Lisa Tüch/Dortmund Airport).