Easter holidays 2024: Cologne/Bonn Airport expects 460.000 passengers

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Cologne/Bonn Airport is expecting around 2024 passengers during the Easter holidays in 460.00. Around 33.000 passengers are expected next Friday.

“The start of the year was very successful in Cologne/Bonn. In the first few months we had significantly more passengers than in the same period last year. We are now looking forward to the peak travel season, which traditionally begins around Easter and lasts until autumn,” says Thilo Schmid, CEO of Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH. “As an airport, we have prepared specifically for the increasing number of passengers together with our process partners in order to give our guests a pleasant start to their vacation.”

Around 77.000 passengers are expected in Cologne/Bonn from Friday to Sunday on the first holiday weekend. Over the Easter weekend - from Good Friday to Easter Monday inclusive - there are around 107.000 passengers. The change from the winter to the summer flight schedule at the airport will also take place on Easter Sunday. On the last holiday weekend, around 97.000 travelers are expected to use the airport from Friday to Sunday. The peak day of the holidays is Friday, April 5th, when more than 33.000 passengers take off and land in Cologne/Bonn.

The most popular travel destination during the Easter holidays is Spain with around 110.000 passengers. Of these, around 49.000 passengers chose Palma de Mallorca as their destination from Cologne/Bonn within the two weeks. During the holidays, many passengers also go to Turkey (around 100.000 passengers), Great Britain (around 38.000 passengers) and Italy (around 37.000 passengers).

Cologne / Bonn Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Cologne / Bonn Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).