Europapark Rust with a new roller coaster

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At Europa-Park, visitors can now look forward to an exciting adventure with “Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac”. The innovative roller coaster from MACK Rides offers an incomparable driving experience with up to four catapult-like accelerations up to 90 kilometers per hour and numerous new driving elements. The journey through the new Croatian themed area promises not only thrills, but also an authentic landscape and a fascinating story about the famous inventor Nikola Tesla.

The 14th roller coaster at Europa-Park is aimed at passengers aged 8 and over and a height of 1,30 meters and offers seven overhead elements, 2,2 seconds of weightlessness at a time and the steepest launch in the world at 105 degrees. The route of the 1.385 meter long Multi Launch Coaster leads through an authentic Croatian landscape with ruins, pieces of wall and Mediterranean flair, accompanied by the fascinating story of Nikola Tesla.

Europa-Park owner Roland Mack is enthusiastic about the new attraction and is looking forward to the many visitors who will experience the more intense driving experience of Voltron Nevera. Michael Mack, managing partner of Europa-Park, emphasizes the unique theme and the power of MACK One, which implemented the project.

In addition to the roller coaster, the new Croatia themed area offers other attractions such as the ice cream parlor “Sunce i Lavanda”, the “Suveniri Nikola” shop and the “Croatian Inspiration” exhibition, which playfully presents Croatia's achievements. In the Dreamtime Dome, visitors can experience the 360-degree adventure “Nikola Tesla's Beautiful Croatia” and discover the country's diverse sights.

New roller coaster (Photo: Europa-Park).
New roller coaster (Photo: Europa-Park).