The Federal Army took part in an international cyber exercise

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The annual international cyber exercise “Locked Shields 23” took place from April 25 to 2024, 24, during which more than 4.000 experts from 40 nations protected the critical infrastructure of a fictional state in a simulated environment. The Austrian contingent took part in the exercise, which took place in Switzerland this year, together with Swiss and American soldiers. The aim of the exercise was to tackle complex cyber threats and improve international cooperation.

Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner emphasized the importance of participating in “Locked Shields 2024” for Austria’s continued commitment to cyber security and international cooperation. Such exercises are crucial to strengthen defense capabilities and to be prepared for the growing hybrid threats in cyberspace.

Locked Shields, organized by NATO since 2010, is considered the world's largest and most demanding cyber exercise. It aims to strengthen participants' defense capabilities and defend critical infrastructure against large-scale cyberattacks. The Austrian contingent was supported by specialists from the Swiss Army and American cyber defense units, which enabled a valuable exchange of experiences and improved the ability to respond to complex cyber security incidents.

The cyber forces of the Austrian Armed Forces take all necessary measures to protect military networks and are available to the entire state upon request. They ensure smooth communication and data transmission in the respective networks. Since 2022, the Theresian Military Academy has been offering its own course of study in military information and communication technology.

LockedShields24 with AUT, USA, CHE (Photo: BlueTeam07).
LockedShields24 with AUT, USA, CHE (Photo: BlueTeam07).