German 49 euro ticket without Flixbus and Flixtrain

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In Germany, advance sales of the so-called 49-euro ticket, which is to be valid on local public transport nationwide, have begun. However, the train and long-distance bus provider Flix Mobility is annoyed that despite intensive discussions they were not integrated. Now there are renewed threats that around 20 percent of Germany's offer will have to be discontinued.

Since Flixbus does not operate a single bus or train itself in the Federal Republic, but has outsourced the operational implementation completely to subcontractors or line providers with their own concession use the brand within the framework of franchise agreements, the threatened cancellations would primarily affect the operational bus companies. Whether these jobs have to be cut varies greatly, because some have public transport lines and/or classic coach transport, while others are completely specialized in operating long-distance lines as subcontractors.

The German 49-euro ticket is in no way comparable to the “Klimaticket Ö”, which is valid throughout Austria, because all long-distance trains in the Alpine Republic are also included. In Germany, Eurocity, Intercity, Intercityexpres, Railjet, night trains and the like are excluded again – similar to the nine-euro ticket.

Flixbus in Munich (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Flixbus in Munich (Photo: Jan Gruber).