Germany: Massive border controls planned for the European Football Championship

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The Federal Police is planning extensive controls at all German land, air and sea borders for the 2024 European Football Championship. The aim is to ward off potential threats from five specific groups of perpetrators: terrorists, violent hooligans, traveling criminals such as thieves and serious criminals, deported migrants who want to re-enter illegally, and people who want to enter via otherwise uncontrolled green borders.

The exact start time of these measures remains secret, but the security precautions include the deployment of 22.000 federal police officers every day. This includes 25 operational units, 50 mobile surveillance units, 45 alarm platoons with officials from administration and offices and 45 platoons with young police officers in their second year of training. The federal police will be present at borders, stadiums, public viewing areas, airports, train stations and sensitive infrastructure areas. There will also be a holiday ban for police officers during the European Championships. These measures aim to ensure security during the EM and to prevent possible disruptions or threats at an early stage.

Passport with entry stamps (Photo: ConvertKit/Unsplash).
Passport with entry stamps (Photo: ConvertKit/Unsplash).