Hamburg Airport has reopened the travel market

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After a six-week modernization phase, the travel market at Hamburg Airport celebrated its reopening today. At the center of the redesign is a cozy lounge area with a flat screen on which travel impressions from popular destinations such as Mallorca to exotic destinations such as Namibia are shown. A total of ten renowned tour operators are represented in the travel market, which, in addition to providing comprehensive advice, also enable bookings on Sundays and public holidays.

“With ten tour operators, the travel market at Hamburg Airport offers a uniquely large selection in northern Germany. Many people still value personal contact when planning their vacation. The tour operators create individual trips according to the customers' wishes, which is a big advantage compared to online bookings. I am pleased that we have modernized the travel market and can offer northern Germans even more inspiration and comfort,” explained Lutz Deubel, Head of Center Management at Hamburg Airport.

Terminal 1 at Hamburg Airport (Photo: Oliver Sorg).
Terminal 1 at Hamburg Airport (Photo: Oliver Sorg).