Hamburg with new art at the gate exhibition

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A new exhibition at Kunst am Gate has started at Hamburg Airport: “Arts & Science” takes passengers on an exciting journey before departure – a journey into the microworld. All recordings show the research of scientists who have recorded their results in an aesthetically pleasing way. The motifs radiate a beauty that is otherwise not visible to the naked eye. You can marvel at wave-shaped structures, color explosions and even macro images from the electron microscope. The exhibition will run in the waiting area of ​​gates C12 to C14 until the end of June.

“Arts & Science” is based on an initiative by the Cluster of Excellence “CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter” at the University of Hamburg, in which members were asked to submit aesthetically pleasing images - regardless of their scientific significance or topicality. The initiative has now established itself as a very successful science communication project. “We would like to invite visitors to discover the artistic and aesthetic aspects of the natural sciences,” says CUI board member Prof. Peter Schmelcher. Everyday research is characterized by a pioneering spirit and a scientific focus; one rarely changes one's perspective. “If you get involved with it, you see an incredible diversity.”

“There has never been anything like this at Kunst am Gate,” says Anke Redeker from the artistic advisory board at Hamburg Airport. “At first glance, the images look like pop or street art works. Only when you get closer and read the accompanying texts do you realize that these are real, scientific findings. It's worth taking some time and letting the beauty of the natural sciences work its magic on you." This special impact has earned the exhibition the accompanying title "An associative journey through natural science".

Terminal 2 of Hamburg Airport (Photo: Medvedev).
Terminal 2 of Hamburg Airport (Photo: Medvedev).