IAG offers EU Commission further proposals for takeover of Air Europa

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The International Airlines Group (IAG) has submitted new proposals to the EU Commission to take over the Spanish airline Air Europa in order to increase competition. According to a report in the Spanish newspaper "El Pais", IAG is prepared to sell 52 percent of Air Europa's frequencies from last year to competitors. This measure is intended to ensure that there are several competitors on all routes and thus various options for travelers.

Iberia, a subsidiary of IAG, plans to create synergies and combine route overlaps when taking over Air Europa. The negotiations with the EU competition authorities are described as a constructive dialogue. The EU Commission is expected to decide on the next steps by August 20, after the deadline was recently extended because previous concessions were deemed insufficient.

Previously, IAG was willing to sell up to 40 percent of Air Europa's frequencies to competitors from 2023. Now IAG is seeking to acquire 80 percent of Air Europa from Spain's Globalia. An earlier agreement from 2021 was abandoned after EU regulators deemed the remedies insufficient.

Air Europa tail fins at Madrid Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Air Europa tail fins at Madrid Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).