Increase in burglaries expected during major football events

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Major football events such as European Championships or World Cups not only generate excitement and an event atmosphere, but also lead to an increase in burglaries. According to Wiener Städtische Versicherung, the number of household burglaries increases by an average of ten percent during such events. With the participation of the Austrian national football team in Euro 2024 and the associated popular public viewings, an increase in burglaries is expected again.

Doris Wendler, CEO of Wiener Städtische, explains that during the four-week tournament period, 20 reports of break-ins are registered every day, which is an increase of ten percent compared to non-European Championship and World Cup periods. This data is based on internal figures that go back to the 2004 European Championship in Portugal.

During the last football World Cup in Qatar in 2022, which took place in the run-up to Christmas, the trend was declining. This was favored by the limited public viewings and pandemic-related restrictions. However, Wendler expects a rise in burglaries again due to the upcoming Euro 2024. A positive outlier was the home European Championship in 2008, where no increase in burglaries was recorded. This was achieved primarily through an extensive information campaign by the police. Wendler emphasizes the importance of such measures to prevent burglaries.

Wiener Städtische offers the following safety tips for Euro 2024: Lock your entrance doors, lock all windows and doors leading outside, and do not leave any entry aids visible in front of your house or apartment.

Austrian police patrol car (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Austrian police patrol car (Photo: Jan Gruber).