Permanent strikes in Germany: Passengers have these rights

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Calls for strikes for Lufthansa and security staff continue unabated. Passengers need good nerves! An overview of the passenger rights of EU Regulation 261/2004. Depending on the length of the flight route booked, you may be entitled to a flat-rate compensation payment of €250, €400 or €600 per passenger.

If the strike represents an exceptional circumstance (event beyond the airline's control), the air carrier does not have to pay compensation. Ronald Schmid, FairPlane company spokesman: The ECJ has already not judged strikes by the airline's own staff to be an exceptional circumstance. However, if security personnel strike, the airline cannot avert or control it; it is an exceptional circumstance.

care service

If your flight is delayed by two hours or more, you are entitled to support from the airline. (for flight distances up to 1.500 km). For longer flights only with waiting times of three or four hours.

The airline must provide food, drinks, but also hotel accommodation and transfers to the new departure, even in the event of exceptional circumstances.

FairPlane Tip: If passengers do not receive vouchers from the airline, keep all invoices and request reimbursement of the costs.

Right to alternative transport

Even if flights are canceled due to a strike, passengers have the right to transportation. The airline must promptly offer equivalent alternative transport. This can also take place by train or bus. Not every replacement transport is reasonable.

Book a new ticket yourself?

If the replacement transport offered by the airline does not take place in a timely manner or is unreasonable, inform the airline in writing and give a short notice that a (preferably cost-effective) replacement flight will be booked and invoiced.

Get ticket costs back

If the alternative transport offered is not used because the trip has become pointless, the contract will be terminated and the ticket costs will be refunded. The ticket price must be refunded without deductions within 7 days. The traveler can therefore choose between alternative transport or reimbursement of the ticket costs. Both cannot be required.

The claims expire according to domestic law, in Germany three years after the year of the damaging event, in Austria three years after the damaging event.

Flight attendants strike (Photo: UFO).
Flight attendants strike (Photo: UFO).