Lufthansa Technik reserves routes for Eurowings

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Lufthansa Technik will provide Eurowings, the low-cost airline subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group, with comprehensive base maintenance services for Airbus A320 family aircraft in the coming years. The agreement between Eurowings Technik and Lufthansa Technik stipulates that two maintenance lines in Budapest and two more in Sofia will be available exclusively to Eurowings. They will carry out various “letter checks” on around 40 aircraft during the winter season.

Eurowings and Lufthansa Technik have a long-standing partnership, which is now being expanded to include this maintenance contract. In addition to MRO services for components and various engine types, this also includes the use of Lufthansa Technik's digital Aviatar platform. Matthias Gruber, Head of Technical Fleet Management at Eurowings, emphasized the importance of the contract for ensuring the technical reliability of the fleet.

Marcus Motschenbacher, Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Aircraft Maintenance Services at Lufthansa Technik, highlighted how tailored their maintenance programs are to customer needs.

Eurowings currently operates a fleet of over 100 Airbus A320 family aircraft. Lufthansa Technik's base maintenance network covers five major locations on three continents, including Budapest, Sofia and Malta in Europe.

Eurowings at Nuremberg Airport (Photo: Nuremberg Airport/Axel Eisele).
Eurowings at Nuremberg Airport (Photo: Nuremberg Airport/Axel Eisele).