Lufthansa is testing a lounge shuttle at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport

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The Lufthansa Group is currently testing a so-called lounge shuttle at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport, which is intended to make it easier for passengers to reach the business and senator lounges.  

For the time being until December 21, 2023, this shuttle will run every 6 minutes from 00 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 00 p.m. to 14 p.m. Departure takes place in front of the entrance to the gate area of ​​the Lufthansa lounges near Gate B00. All passengers who fly with the Lufthansa Group including Eurowings can use this. After the test phase, a decision should be made about a possible continuation. 

Easyjet and Lufthansa at BER (Photo: Steffen Lorenz).
Easyjet and Lufthansa at BER (Photo: Steffen Lorenz).