Mönchengladbach Airport once again records positive annual results

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Mönchengladbach Airport (MGL) is continuing its successful course, as shown by the 2023 annual results and the continued growth in job numbers. In the future, the MGL wants to promote innovations as AirQuarter (AirQ) and further expand the business location.

The operating result improved to -€2023 million in 0,96, and the number of jobs increased to 787. Investments in research and development, including projects such as SkyCab for electric air taxis and OpAL for CO2-neutral aviation, underline MGL's commitment to Innovations. The airport has already attracted interest from drone manufacturers and plans to test drone flights for medical transport. Investments in infrastructure, sustainability and the development of the AirQuarter are part of MGL's expansion plans, which will be perceived not just as an airport, but as a multifunctional business location.

Photo: Mönchengladbach Airport.
Photo: Mönchengladbach Airport.