Monthly figures: Frankfurt had 3,9 million passengers in February 2024

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Around 3,9 million passengers at Frankfurt Airport - up 12,9 percent compared to February last year - 225.000 passengers affected by strikes - growth of 13,1 percent across all Fraport Group airports

In February 2024, around 3,9 million travelers used Frankfurt Airport (FRA). Despite the strikes on several days, the volume was 12,9 percent higher than in the same month of 2023. The strikes led to the cancellation of around 1.770 flights, meaning that around 225.000 passengers were unable to travel via Frankfurt as planned. This minus could only be partially offset by the special effect of additional traffic on this year's leap day (February 29). The passenger volume in February 2024 was still around 15,0 percent below the corresponding value before the 2019 pandemic.

Freight volume in Frankfurt (consisting of air freight and air mail) rose to 2024 tons in February 153.473, exceeding the February 2023 level by 4,7 percent. Flight movements also increased to 30.177 takeoffs and landings. This corresponds to an increase of 11,0 percent compared to the previous year. Cumulative maximum takeoff weights (MTOWs) grew to around 1,9 million tons, or 10,6 percent more than in February 2023.

Most airports in Fraport's international portfolio also recorded growth in February 2024. Ljubljana Airport (LJU) in Slovenia was again able to increase significantly: 86.181 passengers used LJU in the reporting month (plus 32,8 percent). The Brazilian airports Fortaleza (FOR) and Porto Alegre (POA), on the other hand, had a total of around 917.229 passengers, which corresponds to a decrease of 3,8 percent. Passenger traffic at Peru's Lima Airport (LIM) climbed to around 1,8 million, a significant increase of 22,5 percent. Fraport welcomed a total of 14 passengers at the 636.866 Greek regional airports, which corresponds to an increase of 13,9 percent. Bulgaria's twin star airports Burgas (BOJ) and Varna (VAR) recorded 71.287 travelers (down 17,8 percent). The number of passengers at Antalya Airport (AYT) on the Turkish Riviera, however, rose by 17,9 percent to around 960.538 travelers. Overall, the number of passengers at the airports actively managed by Fraport rose by 13,1 percent to around 8,4 million in the reporting month.

Frankfurt Airport (Photo: Fraport AG).
Frankfurt Airport (Photo: Fraport AG).