Munich Airport is organizing 450 million euros on the capital market

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Munich Airport has organized around 425 million euros on the capital market in the form of a promissory note issue. Of this, around 360 million euros will be invested in infrastructure, among other things.

The Bavarian airport also wants to repay existing debts. To finance investments in infrastructure and to repay existing loans, FMG successfully issued funds amounting to 425 million euros as part of a promissory note transaction. The terms offered ranged from three to ten years, with fixed and variable interest rates.

“We want to offer our passengers a state-of-the-art infrastructure even more than 30 years after the airport opened and are therefore investing large sums in construction projects on the campus. The extremely successful promissory note transaction confirms the trust of banks and investors in the successful future of our airport,” said Nathalie Leroy, Managing Director for Finance and Infrastructure.

Photo: Flughafen München GmbH.
Photo: Flughafen München GmbH.