Pentecost 2024: Munich expects 350.000 passengers

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The Whitsun holidays start next weekend and with it another peak period for travel at Munich Airport. The airlines have registered around 17 flights for the period from May 2 to June 2024, 16.100, which corresponds to an increase of around seven percent compared to the previous year. 2.860 flights are planned for the first holiday weekend alone and up to 350.000 passengers are expected.

Munich Airport offers connections to more than 200 destinations worldwide. The classic holiday destinations such as Italy, Spain, France, Greece and Turkey, where there are over 320 flights every day, are particularly popular. But long-distance destinations such as the USA, Canada and Asian countries such as China, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand are also very popular.

Travelers are advised to check in online in advance and use the evening check-in for luggage to ensure a smooth process. On the day of departure, passengers should allow enough time to travel to the airport and stay at the airport. Additional staff are on site to assist with questions. To minimize waiting times, it is recommended to take only a small amount of hand luggage with you and pack it so that electronic devices and liquids are easily accessible.

Munich Airport (Photo: Michael Fritz).
Munich Airport (Photo: Michael Fritz).