Perth-London: Qantas has to make refueling stops in Singapore

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Iran's recent escalated conflict with Israel has also had an impact on non-stop European flights offered by Qantas from Perth. For safety reasons, they took a longer route.

This meant that Qantas had to carry out a refueling stop in Singapore on flight QF9 until further notice. However, according to our own information, QF10 can generally continue to be carried out non-stop. These are the non-stop flights between Perth and London Heathrow vice versa.

For passengers, the measure taken for safety reasons means that the flight time will be extended by around four hours, according to Qantas.

Qantas winglet (Photo: Joseph Bobadilla/Unsplash).
Qantas winglet (Photo: Joseph Bobadilla/Unsplash).