Pilot has to ditch in the North Sea - fishing cutter saves man and machine

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A pilot had to ditch his small aircraft on the North Sea off Büsum on Sunday due to engine failure. Luckily, a nearby fishing boat was there immediately and was able to rescue the pilot and his machine. The cutter's crew pulled the biplane out of the water and brought it safely to shore. The pilot remained uninjured.

According to a spokesman for the German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked Persons (DGzRS), the cutter crew acted quickly and rescued the pilot before the sea rescue cruiser “Theodor Storm” reached the scene of the accident. It is suspected that the pilot deliberately ditched near the cutter in order to get help more quickly. The ditching and subsequent rescue by the fishing trawler illustrate the importance of quick reactions and excellent cooperation at sea.

Cloud (Photo: René Steuer).
Cloud (Photo: René Steuer).