Pool loungers with towels reserved: Court awards travel price reduction

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Who doesn't know this: you come to the pool loungers in a hotel complex in the morning and there are towels everywhere that are supposed to serve as a "reservation". But that is exactly what can cost tour operators dearly, the Hanover district court found.

More and more hotels are taking active action against “reserving” pool and beach loungers. It is now not uncommon for the areas to be cordoned off so that early bird towel experts can look through the pipe. Towels that are on obviously unused loungers are often simply thrown away.

However, this was not the case in the case that brought it before the Hanover District Court. The holidaymakers sued the tour operator for a reduction in the price of the trip because all the loungers with towels were always “reserved”. The court awarded the plaintiffs a travel price reduction of 322,77 euros. The ruling will probably mean that tour operators will instruct their hotels in the future to monitor the issue of towels on loungers more closely, as claims for repayment may arise.

Beach chairs (Photo: René Steuer).
Beach chairs (Photo: René Steuer).