SAS re-plans network strategy with Skyteam alliance

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The Scandinavian airline SAS Scandinavian Airlines plans to rethink its long-haul network strategy after joining the Skyteam airline alliance. CEO Anko van der Werff announced this to “CH-Aviation”. The Airbus A321neo is expected to play a key role in this.

Currently, SAS operates long-haul flights mainly from Copenhagen, but joining the Skyteam alliance on September 1 could add more routes from decentralized hubs and airports in Scandinavia. Van der Werff explained that in addition to existing connections from Oslo-Gardermoen and Stockholm-Arlanda to New York-Newark, other destinations are also possible, especially after establishing a partnership with Delta Air Lines.

The A321neo, originally intended for transatlantic routes from airports such as Gothenburg, is currently mainly used from Copenhagen. These jets fly several times a week to New York-JFK, as well as to Toronto from Copenhagen and Stockholm. Since June 17, SAS has also served Delta's hub in Atlanta. Van der Werff highlighted the peculiarities of the Scandinavian market, with high incomes but a dispersed population, which makes network planning particularly challenging.

Copenhagen Airport (Photo: Robert Spohr).
Copenhagen Airport (Photo: Robert Spohr).