Summer 2024: Aegean is expanding in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt

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The Greek airline Aegean Airlines plans to fly more frequently to the German airports of Berlin, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt am Main in the 2024 summer flight schedule.

The frequency increases were already published and bookable, but then Aegean Airlines withdrew them. Now I'm backing down from backing down because the Greek airline has decided to go through with the frequency increases.

Effective March 31, 2024, up to 14 weekly routes will be offered between Thessaloniki and Frankfurt am Main. This means that Aegean Airlines will double its frequencies. From Berlin, effective April 22, 2024, there will be flights to Athens 12 times a week. Here you increase your rotations by two per week. From July 4, 2024, there will also be an increase to nine round trips per week between the Greek capital and Düsseldorf.

Airbus A320neo (Photo: Steffen Lorenz).
Airbus A320neo (Photo: Steffen Lorenz).