Summer holidays 2023: Brussels had 4,6 million passengers

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The Belgian capital Brussels Airport had around 4,6 million passengers during the eight-week summer holidays. In direct comparison to the same period last year, there was an increase of around five percent.

In August 2023 there were around 2,3 million travelers, almost the same level as in July 2023. Freight volumes fell by one percent in August 2023 and amounted to 49.000 tons.

In August, 2.260.496 passengers traveled through Brussels Airport, an increase of 5% compared to August 2022. Almost 200.000 more passengers arrived than departed, which is expected at the end of the holiday season. The proportion of connecting passengers on departure was 15%, particularly on connecting flights between Europe and North America and Africa. The top ten countries in August were Spain, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, France, the US and the UK.

Brussels Airport (Photo: Brussels Airport / Tom Dhaenens).
Brussels Airport (Photo: Brussels Airport / Tom Dhaenens).