Survey shows: Freedom and flexibility are the main reasons for holiday travel by car

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A recent survey by AutoScout24 among 500 Austrians shows that the majority of respondents prefer the car for vacation trips because of the freedom and flexibility it offers. Families with children and people aged 40 to 49 in particular appreciate the unrestricted mobility and the option of not being limited when packing.

78 percent of respondents said that freedom is the main reason for choosing the car as a means of travel. 84 percent of families and 87 percent of 40- to 49-year-olds particularly emphasized this aspect. Another important reason is the ability to plan trips by car at short notice, which 73 percent of respondents said was an advantage, with men (77 percent) emphasizing this more often than women (69 percent).

In addition, the car is preferred if the destination is not far away (62 percent). Costs also play a role, especially for families who see the car as a cheaper alternative to air travel (35 percent). Only 7 percent of respondents see an advantage in terms of climate protection.

VW Golf GTI (Photo: Chris Osmond/Unsplash).
VW Golf GTI (Photo: Chris Osmond/Unsplash).