Thailand will probably introduce a tourist tax in the summer

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The long-discussed tourist tax for visiting Thailand is to be introduced in June of this year. The levy for travelers serves, among other things, to further improve the tourist infrastructure on site.

After the tourist tax had been postponed several times, according to the online portal FVW, it should now be introduced on June 1, 2023. From this day onwards, an amount of 300 baht – the equivalent of almost 8,40 euros – should be paid for each entry. The last date for the introduction was June 2022, but at that time the Ministry of Tourism had withdrawn and revised the draft. There should only be exceptions for foreigners with work visas and border passes. However, the current draft still has to be confirmed in a cabinet meeting of the Thai government.

Among other things, the fee is to be used to finance and modernize tourism infrastructure and the development of tourism destinations. In addition, sustainability projects are also to be promoted with the income from the tax. It is also planned that the levy will benefit tourists who suffer accidents or otherwise require medical assistance in Thailand. So far, the draft stipulates that the tax will only apply to travelers who enter Thailand by air and plan to stay in the country for more than 24 hours. However, it is not yet known whether the tax also applies to entry by land or sea.

Photo: Pixabay.
Photo: Pixabay.