FH Vienna starts dual tourism studies

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Since September 2023, the Vienna University of Applied Sciences of the WKW has also been running the Bachelor's degree program in Tourism Management in a dual form. In contrast to the full-time form, theoretical and practical phases alternate.

The University of Applied Sciences for Management and Communication works with the split week model: from the second year of study, students spend half the week at the university and the second half with the practice partner, one of over 50 companies in the tourism industry. They are employed there and receive a salary. It is the first and so far only dual tourism course in Austria.

 “The advantages of the dual form of study for students and companies are obvious,” explains Florian Aubke, head of the Tourism & Hospitality Management department at the FHWien der WKW: “After six semesters, the students not only have a bachelor’s degree, but also two years of relevant studies Experience. The practical partners can take an active role in higher education and train students according to their needs over a period of two years.”

Pins on a map (Photo: Z/Unsplash).
Pins on a map (Photo: Z/Unsplash).