Upper Austrians rely on Greece: most popular travel destination with 12 weekly flights

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This year too, Greece remains the top travel destination for Upper Austrians. A total of 12 weekly flights serve the country's breathtaking islands, including Kos, Crete/Heraklion, Rhodes, Kefalonia and the newly added Lefkas/Epirus and Skiathos.

The German charter airline avantiair celebrated the start of the season in cooperation with Rhomberg Reisen with the first flight to Lefkas/Epirus last Saturday. The passengers' anticipation was palpable as they took off from Linz Airport in a 76-seat Dash 8-400 aircraft.

Lefkada, known for its beautiful beaches, and neighboring Epirus, famous for its natural wonders such as the Meteora monasteries and the impressive Vikos Gorge, offer holiday pleasure at the highest level. Rhomberg Reisen offers attractive packages for children and makes the region interesting not only for individual travelers, but also for families. With their authentic charm, Lefkas and Epirus remain a real insider tip among the Greek islands.

First flight to Linz (Photo: Linz Airport GesmbH).
First flight to Linz (Photo: Linz Airport GesmbH).