Vida union criticizes statements from ÖBB management

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The Vida union is surprised by statements from ÖBB managers that stabilization in regional transport is expected to occur in March 2024, because staff shortages will then be resolved.

“The logical question arises, how can you even have a need for staff without a shortage of staff? And if, according to ÖBB, there is no shortage of personnel, then why did the federal government, at the insistence of the railway companies, have railway professions such as train attendants, dispatchers, train drivers or shifters put on the list of shortages?" said trade unionist Gerhard Tauchner. “But why only now and why haven’t capacities been increased? “ÖBB is fundamentally an exemplary and good employer, which should therefore not have any difficulty finding sufficient staff. If this is still not the case, then the working conditions and pay must be further improved in order to find enough workers in the domestic and European labor market or to encourage job seekers to take training at ÖBB instead of looking for jobs in third countries via the list of shortages “.

ÖBB 5047
ÖBB 5047 “Jenbacher” (Photo: Robert Spohr).