ADV meets at Hamburg Airport

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The boards and managing directors of the ADV member airports met in Hamburg for a two-day meeting. The focus of the discussions was the importance of Germany as an air transport location for travelers, the economy and regions. Air transport enables efficient national and international mobility and logistics connections in the interests of society as a whole and thus connects people and markets. Germany as an aviation location strengthens the domestic economy sustainably.

ADV President Stefan Schulte explains this on the sidelines of the ADV autumn conference in Hamburg: “A strong business location requires good air transport connections! Every fourth foreign guest travels to Germany by plane. The settlement of companies and tourism depend on international connections - for jobs and therefore prosperity.

The transformation of air traffic must not be jeopardized as a result of the BVerfG ruling

Airports are continually reducing their carbon footprint. Key projects still need to be implemented for the successful transformation of air traffic. The board members and managing directors of the ADV airports also discussed this at their meeting. Converting airports to climate neutrality is a huge project. “The ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court must not lead to the ongoing transformation processes and future investments being stopped. The promised funding from the Climate and Transformation Fund (KTF) for the airports must be provided unchanged.

The federal government must use the promised funds for future investments in the next budget and ensure planning security. However, additional burdens lead to a further loss of competition and ultimately to a weakening of the business location. “We need more speed in expanding the charging infrastructure, electromobility and clean fuels. Innovation and investment funding programs must be provided in a simple, transparent and unbureaucratic manner – both at national and European level,” warns the ADV President.

Scoreboard (Photo: Pixabay).
Scoreboard (Photo: Pixabay).