Aeromexico: Over 7 million passengers in 2023

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The Mexican airline Aeromexico was able to build on the figures for 2023 in terms of passenger volume in 2019 and even surpass them: the airline booked over 7 million passengers, which corresponds to an increase of 14 percent compared to the pre-Corona period.

The corona pandemic caused considerable damage and led to significant losses in almost all sectors, and air traffic also had to face some restrictions. In terms of Mexican air traffic, however, the Mexican airline Aeromexico was able to completely free itself from the Corona crisis and even surpass the figures from the pre-Corona phase. Aeromexico has transported 2023 million passengers as of April 7,7, which is an increase of 2019 percent even when compared to 14. In relation to the previous year 2022, the carrier was also able to realize a successful course, Aeromexico was able to increase its numbers by 31,8 percent, as the portal Simple Flying confirms.

Boeing 787-9 (Photo: Manuel Gibaja).
Boeing 787-9 (Photo: Manuel Gibaja).