Airport festival: Weeze celebrates 20 years of existence

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At the beginning of this week, an airport festival took place at the German regional airport Niederrhein to mark the 20th anniversary. According to the organizers, around 15.000 people from Germany and the Netherlands took part.

"It was an all-round successful anniversary celebration and we were very happy about how many well-wishers on both sides of the border celebrated with us," says airport manager Sebastian Papst. Weeze Airport is celebrating its 20th anniversary under favorable circumstances. The airport has recorded a significant increase in passenger numbers this year. Managing Director Sebastian Papst: "Ryanair has further increased its offer and this summer five more airlines are on the road". The airport near the border is also becoming increasingly popular with the Dutch neighbors. Pope expects the proportion of Dutch passengers among passengers to increase to more than 40 percent this year.

Access to Weeze Airport (Photo: Frank Vincentz).
Access to Weeze Airport (Photo: Frank Vincentz).