Austria deployed 1.100 soldiers at the borders

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More than 1.100 soldiers monitored Austria's borders in 2022 and made 66.000 apprehensions. 760 soldiers were involved in 13 missions abroad. 568 soldiers provided assistance in domestic disasters. 72 career officers retired from the military academy. 

As part of the security police assistance operation, an annual average of more than 1.100 soldiers were on duty at the border, 310 monitored endangered objects in Vienna and on a total of 52 days 568 soldiers helped with operations after natural disasters. Around 130 flight hours were flown. Supporting the health authorities with regard to the Covid 19 pandemic was also one of the tasks of the armed forces in 2022. Up to May 390, around 15 soldiers supported the health authorities with entry controls, Covid-19 tests, the operation of vaccination lines and contact person tracing. During operations by the demining service, 31.249 kilograms of war material were salvaged and destroyed. A total of 985 reports of found war relics were sent to the demining service. 

“Our soldiers did an extraordinary job in 2022. Be it at home or abroad, at the border or in disaster relief - each and every one of them can look back with pride on the work they have done over the past year. In addition, our soldiers always have the opportunity to expand their skills and abilities through many training and further education opportunities and to apply them successfully on missions," said Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner. 

In 2022, 760 soldiers were deployed on 13 different foreign missions by the EU, the UN, NATO and the OSCE. As in previous years, the missions EUFOR ALTHEA in Bosnia and Herzegovina and KFOR in Kosovo were the focus of foreign operations. But there were also missions abroad in Mali, Mozambique, Pakistan and Gambia. 

Last year, 16.463 recruits completed their basic military service, 1.813 soldiers took part in cadre training and 72 career officers completed their training at the military academy. The soldiers were trained at five military training areas, 46 garrison training areas, six water training areas, 20 firing ranges and an NBC and disaster relief training area. The soldiers can access 3.400 different simulation systems. In addition, 30 national army courses were also offered internationally. 

The armed forces support the police and the district authority of Bruck an der Leitha (Photo: Armed Forces / GUNTER PUSCH).
The armed forces support the police and the district authority of Bruck an der Leitha (Photo: Armed Forces / GUNTER PUSCH).