Barig: "Warning strikes cause great damage"

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In the collective bargaining dispute between the Verdi trade union and public sector employers, seven German commercial airports are on strike today, which means that air traffic at these locations will almost come to a standstill.

“We consider the announced warning strikes to be disproportionate and excessive. Collective bargaining conflicts have to be resolved at the negotiating table, but these are once again being settled at the expense of several hundred thousand passengers at home and abroad. It is unacceptable that such disputes repeatedly paralyze large parts of an entire country's important infrastructure, with massive effects on passengers and many companies - especially in these economically uncertain times. We therefore urgently appeal to the parties to the conflict to go back to the negotiating table and come to constructive results," says Michael Hoppe, Chairman and Executive Director of Barig, the airline association of national and international airlines in Germany.

Photo: Barig.
Photo: Barig.