By summer 2026: Bavaria will switch to 3D CT scanners

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The German state of Bavaria is upgrading airport security checks to new 3D CT scanners. Five devices were already put into operation in Terminals 1 and 2 in Munich at the start of the Whitsun holidays.

By the beginning of the summer holidays in 2026, all other checkpoints will be equipped in ten further construction phases, so that up to 48 lanes and 60 CT devices will be in use by the end. Nuremberg Airport is also to be completely converted during this period, and the first device has been in use since the end of February. Bavaria's third airport, Memmingen, will receive the technology during the next structural expansion.

Responsible for the security checks at the three Bavarian commercial airports are the air offices for southern and northern Bavaria at the district governments, which are subordinate to the Bavarian Ministry of Transport.

Security check at Stuttgart-Echterdingen Airport (Photo: FraSec).
Security check at Stuttgart-Echterdingen Airport (Photo: FraSec).