Captain dies in flight: Sky Vision Airlines lands Airbus safely in Jeddah

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A tragic incident has shaken the aviation industry: During a flight from Cairo to Ta'if, the captain of the Egyptian charter company Sky Vision Airlines suddenly died. The first officer took control of the Airbus A320 and made an emergency landing at Jeddah Airport in Saudi Arabia. The crew informed the passengers about the incident and ensured their safety.

According to media reports, the incident occurred over the Red Sea when the captain died unexpectedly. The exact circumstances of his death are still under investigation. Sky Vision Airlines and the Egyptian Aviation Authority are working closely with the Saudi authorities to clarify the incident and draw possible consequences.

This tragic incident raises questions about aviation safety and emergency protocols, particularly with regard to crew composition and crew training.

Candles (Photo: Mike Labrum/Unsplash).
Candles (Photo: Mike Labrum/Unsplash).