Cologne/Bonn Airport is back in the black

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Cologne/Bonn Airport made a profit of 17,2 million euros last year. It is the best result of the 2000s, according to management. In 2021 there was a loss of 14,5 million euros.

"We owe our very successful economic development to our business model, which consists of two central pillars: passenger traffic, which recovered faster than expected in Cologne/Bonn last year, and freight, which we were able to stabilize at a very high level," says Thilo Schmid, CEO of Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH. “The good result is a credit to all employees who did an outstanding job despite all the difficulties of the past year. The profit enables us to make important investments, for example in climate protection and sustainability, and to further develop the airport.”

In 2022, the airport returned to profitability after the years marked by Corona, after a minus of 2021 million euros in 14,5. Revenues increased by around EUR 2022 million to EUR 70 million in 317,4 (2021: EUR 246,3 million). At EUR 73,7 million, the previous year's EBITDA was more than doubled (2021: EUR 32,6 million).

Cologne / Bonn Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Cologne / Bonn Airport (Photo: Jan Gruber).