Cologne Bonn: Flight cancellations affected around 50.000 passengers

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Cologne Bonn Airport was also unable to offer flights for its passengers on Friday: the warning strike initiated by the Verdi union led to numerous flight cancellations. At Cologne Bonn Airport, 50 passengers were directly affected on Thursday and Friday.

Cologne Bonn Airport made numerous use of flight cancellations on Friday: 173 passenger flights (89 take-offs, 84 landings) were canceled due to the warning strike by aviation security personnel. 211 passenger flights (101 take-offs, 110 landings) were planned for this day. On Thursday and Friday, 50 passengers were affected by the warning strikes.

Cologne/Bonn Airport (Photo: Cologne Bonn Airport).
Cologne/Bonn Airport (Photo: Cologne Bonn Airport).