Comeback: Elba flights in summer 2024 from Friedrichshafen

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In the period from May 17th to October 18th, 2024, there will be non-stop flights between Friedrichshafen and Marina di Campo (Elba) again after a break of several years. These are carried out on behalf of UKS and Highlife Reisen.

The operating carrier is the German aviation company MHS Aviation, which in turn is commissioned by Rhein-Neckar-Air. The aircraft used is Dornier 328 turboprop aircraft. According to Friedrichshafen Airport, flights should take place on Friday.

For many years, the Elba flights from the Lake Constance region were in the hands of the Seewald family. These were initially carried out by Rheintalflug and, after this carrier was sold to Austrian Airlines, by the then newly founded Intersky. This in turn had to file for bankruptcy a few years ago.

Dornier 328 (Photo: Rhein-Neckar Air).
Dornier 328 (Photo: Rhein-Neckar Air).