D-ANRB: Damaged Condor A330neo will be canceled for a longer period of time

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Condor's youngest Airbus A330-900, the D-ANRB, only had a very short operational time, as after 25 days the aircraft made an unpleasant encounter with a ground vehicle at Frankfurt Airport. The repair will take a long time and is considered complex.

According to a report from the Aero.de portal, the D-ANRB will no longer be able to be used this year. The company stated, among other things, that repair work is currently underway and it is assumed that this Airbus A330-900 cannot be put back into commercial service until the beginning of next year.

Airbus A330-900 (Photo: Steffen Lorenz).
Airbus A330-900 (Photo: Steffen Lorenz).