Discover Airlines: Cockpit Association calls for arbitration

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After the recent strikes called by the Cockpit Association at Discover Airlines and among the B787-9 pilots at Lufthansa apparently did not have the desired result, the union is now proposing arbitration.

This is intended to prevent a possible further escalation of the collective bargaining dispute. “The company’s continued refusal is incomprehensible,” says Dr. Marcel Gröls, chairman of collective bargaining policy at VC. “We have once again shown ourselves to be constructive with our proposal to resolve the issue in a moderate manner, for example through arbitration. The ball is now in the employer’s court. We are waiting for offers that are seriously negotiable. The pilots deserve better than to be held up by their employer with tactical maneuvers.”

Airbus A320 (Photo: Discover Airlines).
Airbus A320 (Photo: Discover Airlines).