Dortmund Airport receives second supplementary permit

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A few days ago, Dortmund Airport received a second supplementary approval for the aviation permit from the Münster district government. This was applied for on September 30, 2022.

The background is that the deficiencies criticized by the Higher Administrative Court of Münster in its decision of January 26.01.2022, XNUMX had to be eliminated in an additional procedure.

At the same time, Flughafen Dortmund GmbH lodged a complaint with the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig against the non-admission of the appeal. The Federal Administrative Court dismissed this appeal on May 08.05.2023, XNUMX. Due to the supplement to the permit, the current operating times continue to apply unchanged.

Dortmund Airport (Photo: Dortmund Airport).
Dortmund Airport (Photo: Dortmund Airport).