Embraer honors FACC with Best Supplier Award

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The Brazilian aerospace group Embraer has awarded the Austrian company FACC with the Best Supplier Award in the “Structures” category. This honor took place as part of the annual Embraer Suppliers Conference on April 29th and 30th in Brazil and underlines FACC's excellent achievements in recent years. CEO Robert Machtlinger emphasized the importance of this award and the joy of the deeper partnership with Embraer.

In addition to the award, FACC was accepted into Embraer's Supplier Advisory Council, where strategic suppliers discuss challenges and future opportunities together with Embraer executives. This strategic partnership is also reflected in a new contract to develop and produce components for the eVTOL from Eve Air Mobility, a company founded by Embraer. FACC will produce essential parts such as the elevator and vertical stabilizer as well as the aileron of the eVTOL.

Roberto Chaves, Executive Vice-President of Global Procurement and Supply Chain at Embraer, emphasized that safety and quality are crucial to the success of the collaboration. The inclusion of FACC in the Supplier Advisory Council underlines the strategic importance of this partnership.

FACC, which has been supplying components such as spoilers and ailerons to Embraer for many years, is Embraer's largest supplier in Austria. The collaboration also extends to the area of ​​business jet interior solutions, which leads to a significant increase in production volume. Austrian companies such as F/LIST, Antemo and Isovolta also benefit from this partnership through supply contracts with FACC.

The close cooperation in the new growth sector of Urban Air Mobility shows the shared commitment to the future of mobility. The production of components for Eve Air Mobility's eVTOL underlines the innovative strength and strategic direction of both companies.

Embraer 195-E2 in factory paint (Photo: Jan Gruber).
Embraer 195-E2 in factory paint (Photo: Jan Gruber).