End of an era: Envoy Air has retired the last Embraer 145

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An era ended on May 31, 2023 for the US American Envoy Air, because the last official flight was carried out with the Embraer 145 machine type. The American Airlines subsidiary was once one of the world's largest operators of this type.

Going forward, Envoy Air will operate an all E170/175 fleet. In recent years, the Embraer 135, 140 and Bombardier CRJ700 have been parted with. Fleet harmonization should lead to a reduction in complexity. There are now 106 E175 and 16 E170.

However, the Embraer 145 will not disappear from the American Airlines route network anytime soon, as Piedmont Airlines will continue to operate with this type. This regional carrier has 67 units. According to CH-Aviation.com, the subcontractor recently reactivated former Air Wisconsin CRJ200s. Put simply, this means that American Airlines will not be withdrawing from the 50-seater segment, which is now part of Piedmont Airlines, any time soon, contrary to the general trend, which is taking place much earlier in Europe than in the USA. Envoy Air recently flew Embraer 145s from the Chicago base.