Eurolines takes over marketing for Mayfair Jets

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Mayfair Jets, with bases in Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and Spanish company Euroairlines have signed a distribution agreement that will allow the Arab airline to market its flights through travel agents in more than 60 countries. The agreement will see Euroairlines market Mayfair Jets flights in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia via its IATA Q30-4 plate, thanks to its presence in over 291 BSP markets.

The flights will be available on the main global distribution systems (GDS) where Euroairlines is present, such as Amadeus, Saber and Travelport. Mayfair Jets offers flights to Italy, Egypt, Dubai, Hong Kong, Turkey and other destinations. Offers include flights between Marsa Alam and Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt and Naples, Milan, Verona and Bari in Italy. In addition, all routes from German, Austrian and Swiss markets to Spain and Hurghada as well as Sharm El Sheikh are offered.

The airline operates a fleet of four charter aircraft, including two Boeing (737-800 and 737-400) and two Airbus (A320 and A321) aircraft with an average of 170 passenger seats. It also offers private jet services in a 650-passenger Bombardier Challenger 12, a 650-passenger Embraer Legacy 13 and an eight-passenger Bombardier Learjet 45XR, as well as an air ambulance.

Mohamed Ahmed, co-founder of Mayfair Jets, explains: “The collaboration enables tailored travel solutions to meet diverse customer needs. Whether a combination of private jet travel and scheduled flights for a business trip or a luxury vacation package that includes both services, customers can enjoy personalized travel experiences.” “Euroairlines’ sales strategy plays a critical role in expanding its market reach, improving customer engagement and driving business growth in the competitive aviation industry. By leveraging a diverse mix of sales channels, they can effectively engage with travelers and provide seamless booking experiences. The collaboration between Mayfair Jets and Euro Airlines has the potential to create a synergistic relationship that benefits both companies and customers alike,” he adds. Antonio López Lázaro, CEO of Euroairlines, says: “Mayfair Jets is one of the largest private jet and charter airlines in the world, and we at Euroairlines are pleased to contribute to their success with our global sales tools.” “We are very happy that they have trusted us to expand into more markets and that more and more travelers are satisfied with the convenience of Mayfair and the customer service of Euroairlines,” he adds.

Cloud (Photo: René Steuer).
Cloud (Photo: René Steuer).