Eurowings now employs 5.000 people

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Eurowings continues its growth course and now employs over 5.000 people across Europe. The 5.000 employee mark was reached by George Aswad, who successfully completed his training as a flight attendant at the Eurowings base in Prague.

In addition to German home bases, Eurowings' expansion also includes locations in Palma de Mallorca, Salzburg, Prague, Stockholm and Graz. Employees from over 60 nations currently work for the airline. Eurowings operates a modern fleet of over 100 Airbus aircraft and flies more than 20 million passengers to over 150 destinations across Europe every year. Eurowings Head of Finance and Human Resources Kai Duve emphasizes the importance of this milestone for the airline and the trust of its employees. Around three quarters of the workforce are “flying” personnel, with positions advertised in both the cabin and cockpit, including in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Salzburg and Prague.

Eurowings also offers attractive career fields on the ground, including IT, engineering and law. The airline is also looking for trainees in the field of aircraft mechanics to start training in August 2024. A modern uniform wearing code has been introduced to promote diversity and tolerance, including permitted visible tattoos (except neck, face and hands) and up to three piercings per ear.

Airbus A320 (Photo: Robert Spohr).
Airbus A320 (Photo: Robert Spohr).