Fifth Freedom: Ethiopian flies between Geneva and Manchester

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As part of Fifth Freedom, Star Alliance member Ethiopian Airlines has been offering flights between Manchester and Geneva since October 30, 2022. These are offered on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday traffic days.

The flight departs Manchester at 18:50 local time and lands in Geneva at 21:40. The plane leaves the Swiss city at 22.40:7.30 p.m. to arrive in Addis Ababa at 13.15:18.15 a.m. local time the next day. The return flight departs Addis Ababa at 20.05pm and arrives in Geneva at XNUMXpm, from where it departs an hour later and lands in Manchester at XNUMXpm local time.

Boeing 787-9 (Photo: Palombo).
Boeing 787-9 (Photo: Palombo).