Floods: Federal Army in assistance mission

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Since June 9, 2024, a total of 53 pioneers from the Austrian Armed Forces have been deployed on disaster relief missions in Styria and Burgenland. The severe storms have caused massive flood damage in these regions. The soldiers are supporting the population with cleanup and reconstruction work, clearing mud from cellars and clearing blockages in bodies of water. Soldiers from the "Schutzschild 24" exercise were also called up for the relief mission.

In Burgenland, the relief effort ends on June 16, 2024. Here, up to 259 soldiers were deployed daily from 07 a.m. to 00 p.m. and completed around 20 man-hours. Currently, 00 pioneers are still deployed in Burgenland to repair the last damage to the infrastructure.

The operation will continue in Styria. From June 17, 2024, the soldiers will build a temporary bridge in Elsenau near Pinggau, Hartberg, to repair the flood damage and improve accessibility to the town. Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner emphasized the importance of cooperation between the population and the Federal Army and thanked the soldiers for their tireless efforts.

In addition, the Austrian army has carried out several rescue and repair measures since the start of the operation. In Deutschfeistritz, Corporal Emanuel Stanojevic rescued a married couple from a vehicle trapped in floodwater. In Grafendorf near Hartberg, pioneers built a bridge to make the town accessible again. In Oberwart, flood blockages were also removed from rivers and buildings cleared of mud.

The soldiers prepare for such missions in their barracks and move out when requested by civilian authorities. The state warning centers coordinate the deployment of the Federal Army in cooperation with the fire department and other organizations.

Leonardo AW169 (Photo: HBF/Carina Karlovits).
Leonardo AW169 (Photo: HBF/Carina Karlovits).