European Football Championship: Eurowings launches 70 special flights

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Eurowings is expecting a special boom in air traffic from June 2024 in the wake of the European Football Championship and has already planned over 70 special flights with more than 13.000 additional seats from European airports. Flights to and from Great Britain and Austria are in particularly high demand. The number of special flights to the finals could continue to rise, and the airline also expects increased utilization of regular scheduled flights.

The additional capacity is intended to enable football fans from all over Europe to travel comfortably to the games. Eurowings is responding to the expected high demand during the tournament, which will attract millions of fans to the stadiums and fan zones. The airline has announced that it will respond flexibly to passengers' needs and offer additional flights if necessary.

Eurowings at Düsseldorf Airport (Photo: Eurowings).
Eurowings at Düsseldorf Airport (Photo: Eurowings).